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hours a report came in out of libya that a u.s. fighter jet crashed in a libyan field. the jet had some sort of mechanical failure that it was not shot down. the military also says both crew members on board the jet were able to eject and are now safe. this comes as the u.s. and european allies continue launching air strikes to enforce an a u.n. no fly zone over libya. >>> president obama is keeping an eye on the military operation in libya from latin america. right now the president is in chile the second stop in his five-day tour of the region. last night mr. obama and first lady michelle obama attended a dinner at the chilean president. earlier in the day two leaders held a press conference where they talked about libya and the u.s. plans on stepping back its role. >> there will be a transition taking place in which we have a range of coalition partners the european members of the arab league that will be participating in establishing a no fly zone. >> later today the president is scheduled to arrive in el salvador his last stop before heading back to the united states. >>> president
. each was cleared by u.s. customs and border protection and eventually allowed to leave the airport without any problems. one person on board did have a medical issue, but that person was not taken to the hospital. most of the passengers we spoke to figured something was going on the airline wasn't telling them about. >> lack of communication i think that really disturbed most of us. said it was a medical problem and that was it. but it didn't make sense why we were sitting on the tarmac for hours. >> reporter: flight 104 arrives from the philippines around 7:40 last nightful the passengers were told they could not use facilities or cell phones. we spoke to one passenger on board who described to us in detail what happened last night. he may not look familiar, but you most likely have heard his voice if you've seen the rock band journey lately, that end of the story coming up. reporting live from sfo this morning, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> well, the bay area has barely had time to dry out. and already a new wave of wet weather has arrived. people who live on hillsides
to restore power to the plant so they can reactivate the cooling system. the u.s. government is now chartering airplanes to help u.s. citizens who want to leave japan because of the elevated radiation levels. the state department is offering voluntary evacuations to family members of government employees. >>> well, the fear of radiation is only adding to the daily stress faced by survivors of the earthquake and tsunami in japan. more than 450,000 people are now crammed into temporary shelters. they have no privacy and very few showers and toilets. meantime, rescue crews from around the world continue to help with the search for survivors. >> obviously you can see very, very difficult conditions. chance of survival are small but we do our best to see if we can get anybody. >> the search and rescue crews help family members looking for loved ones, but the results are often heartbreaking. >>> now to find out how you can help the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in japan, just look on our website at ktvu.com. we do have a link set up under the japan quake tab. it's right on our hom
for blue skies and warm weather. >> the u.s. coast guard is also reminding people to double check their boats due to the high winds. earlier this week more than a dozen boats were blown right across richardson bay. >>> the heavy rain is also adding to the problems in scots valley and the santa cruz mountains. the bad weather has delayed efforts to inspect a rock slide that has cut off more than 30 homes from the main road. geologists say the fallen hillside needs to dry out until at least sunday before they can even start planning to remove the huge rocks from the road. >> we are running a little low on propane and depending on how long it takes to clear the slide that may be an issue. >> now there is some progress despite the heavy rain. public works crews hope to begin work on an emergency access road some time today. now we're going to have a live report from the santa cruz mountains in our next half hour. >>> a breakthrough in san jose's budget battle. last night three city labor unions announced that they have tentively agreed to mayor chuck reed's request for a 10% cut in pa
is there to gauge progress in the war as they move toward crucial decisions on reducing troop levels. the u.s. is committed to beginning a troop with drawl in july. gates told u.s. troops today there would continue to be a reduced american military involvement in afghanistan even after combat operations end in 2014. >>> richmond police are increasing patrols after a rise in violence over the weekend. there were two murders in 24 hours between friday and saturday. an 18-year-old was shot and killed while standing right outside his house. and a 27-year-old man was shot to death in a parked car. until this weekend there had only been one murder in the city this year. >> the violence needs to stop. we need to get something going on to stop people shooting people for nothing. >> despite the two shooting deaths this weekend. the homicide rate is much lower than it was last year at this time. >>> there has been a break in a three decade old cold case in the east bay. according to the contra costa county times evidence experts have matched dna to a male torso with a human head found a year later in t
's cooling system. >>> san francisco will join more than 150 other u.s. cities tonight holding vigils for the people of japan. it begins at 7:00 tonight right across from city hall. the vigil is to show solidarity with the people of japan and call for the end of nuclear power. today is the 32nd an verse i have -- anniversary of the three mile accident. >>> a fundraiser in napa raised $20,000 for the victim in japan. 200 people attended last nights event. that included performances and a silent auction. napa and japan have been center cities since the early 70s. >>> san diego police are trying to find out why a sailboat capsized killing two men. it happened yesterday afternoon around 5:00 in the san diego harbor. all ten people that were on board were pulled from the water. two men were pronounced dead at the scene. the other eight were taken to local hospitals but police say none of the injuries is serious. >>> the disappearance of 24- year-old woman from a cruise ship in mexico has sparked an international investigation. rebecca of england was last seen on monday where he lived and w
track down bailey the day he was killed. convicted gunman is expected to testify at that trial. >>> u.s. defense secretary robert gates say the pents gone will turn over control of the libyan mission. >> we expect to in days turn over the primary responsibility to others. we will continue to support the coalition. we will be a member of the coalition and have a military role in the coalition but not the preeminent role. >> it will be lead by the french or british or nato. president obama feels very strongly about limiting america's role in the operation against moammar gadhafi. the assaults that gab saturday have so far succeeded in scattering an isolated gadhafi's forces. >>> now to our continuing coverage of the crisis in japan. over night an evacuation order is in place at one of the nuclear reactor plants. the reactor could be overheating. over the weekend a sudden surge of pressure almost lead to the release of radio active gas in the atmosphere. >>> we are getting our first look at a miraculous rescue nine days after the earthquake and tsunami. we first tole you on mornings on two
say ki can provide some protection against some types of radiation. the u.s. surgeon general here tell us people here do not need to worry about the fallout but she understands. >> i'm not sure there is a level of need right now in certainly the health officers are monitoring. we are monitoring and will alert the public if there is ever a real threat. >> potassium iodine can cause side effects so people should check with their doctors before using it. >>> california state university students studying in japan are now being asked to return home. csu says some students are not in areas directly effected by the earthquake or tsunami, but possible shortages in food and other supplies and of course the increasing risk of radiation are cause for concern. uc berkeley has 17 students studying in japan. they are not required to come home at this point. 35 students from stanford who are given the option to return are on their way back. >>> steady rain is falling in a wet week in the bay area. tara moriarty is on storm watch for us this morning. tara, where are you and what is it like? >> reporte
by the national weather service. a state of emergency has been declared in the area. >>> a u.s. airways flight that took off from southern california was forced to make an emergency landing in phoenix last night. that problem was with a blown tire. now the plane did touchdown safely, but there was smoke when the aircraft hit the ground. there were 82 passengers onboard and among them, nine marshall university football coaches. the reason that's interesting, that's the west virginia school that lost most of the football team in a plane crash back in 1970. >>> well, under attack, the reason local muslims say their religion will be demonized at a hearing in washington, d.c. today. >>> plus, plans for an upscale bowling alley is striking out with some people. >>> good morning. mostly clear skies. the clouds are increasing to the north. look for increasing clouds and the north bay will get a rain for a little bit. but the south bay will see morning sunshine and then afternoon clouds bit. time is testimony -- by the time the system arrivals, it will be late afternoon. >>> well, the white house is ur
defended the u.s. military involvement in libya in an address to the nation last night. the president said the u.s. intervened to prevent a slaughter of civilians. but he ruled out expanding the mission to include removing gadafi from power. >> of course there is no question that libya and the world would be better off with gadafi out of power. i along with many other world leaders have embraced that goal. and will actively pursue it through nonmilitary means. but broadening our military mission to include regime change would be a mistake. >> the president says the u.s. can't afford to repeat the experience in iraq where he said regime change took eight years, cost thousands of american and iraqi lives and nearly a trillion dollars. >>> well, the santa cruz county board of supervisors will meet tonight in an emergency session. this comes in response to a week of devastating rain, flooding and mud slides across the county. the board will vote on declaring a local state of emergency and asking for financial help from the state and federal government. the long list of storm problems include d
in a military jail since july. >>> families of u.s. troops who have died while serving their country are unhappy with the supreme court decision that allows an extremist kansas church to protest outside military funerals. now the justices say that the first amendment protects even hurtful speech. the westboro baptist church members claim that u.s. military deaths are god's punishment for the nation's tolerance of homosexuality. >> feelings hurt over words is not enough to shove up to speech. >> they may have an official legal right to say it but that doesn't mean you need to do it. >> karen meredith from mountain view lost her son army lieutenant when he was killed in iraq almost seven years ago. she says she has encountered the protesters when she visits her son's grave at arlington national cemetery. >>> today former house speaker newt gringrich is expected to formally say that he is considering a run for the presidency next year. the spokesman says gringrich won't set up an exploratory committee yet because that would make him a legal candidate. he says gringrich and his wife need to tie up s
east bay and south bay. >>> all right. sounds nice. today the u.s. senate will vote on competing spending plans to keep the government funded through the rest of this fiscal year. but neither the democratic or republican plans are expected to get the 60 votes needed to pass. that has house republicans working on another short-term spending bill to avoid a government shut down at the end of next week. >>> in a television interview broadcast today, libyan leader gadafi said if western nations impose a no-fly zone over libya, it will show their real intention is to seize the country's oil. this morning president obama is meeting with secretary of state hillary clinton and other senior advisors to discuss the no-fly zone option. >>> newly released census data shows the changing face of california. the 2010 census numbers show the state's population has increased 10% since 2000. here in the bay area the county with the largest population increase by far is contra costa county. up 10.6%. santa clara is next with a 5.9% increase. >> 70 years ago we had a population of about 100,000. we'
right thank you so much for that report. be safe out there. more help from the u.s. military is heading to japan. they left singapore carrying disaster kits, medical supply, and food. we talked to a crew member who says it hits close to home. >> there is a lot of us on the ship that have started lives there. we have families back in japan. i'm honored i am able to help out. >> usf blue ridge is based in japan which is south of tokyo. they were in singapore for a port visit but immediately prepared to return following the disaster. we are hearing firsthand accounts of people that were in japan when it happened. they describe a frightening experience. one woman a san francisco native currently lives in tokyo with her husband and two young sons. she says the quake was noticeably more violent than the 1989 quake. >> we were walking home from kindergarten and it was crazy the ground shook so hard. we had to sit down. we couldn't even stand. >> other bay area residents are boarding flights to japan to look for family members they have not heard of since the quake hit. central bankers are inje
are talking about running for -- her running for the u.s. senate next year. those supporters know that giffords' future is still uncertain, but the effects of a possible campaign are already being felt in arizona politics. other perspective democratic candidates say they won't jump in unless she says she's not running. they fear that could give republican candidates a head start in organizing their campaigns. >>> a giants player was in a car accident ahead of today's opening day. his condition just ahead. >>> good news for skiers and snow boarders. how long the lifts will keep running at your favorite resort. >>> welcome back to the morning news. former california governor arnold schwarzenegger is returning to the public eye as a cartoon super hero. he's going to become the govern nateer. the cartoon is being developed by spider-man co-creator stan lee. >>> the defending champions of major league baseball begin a new season today. yesterday they wrapped up a preseason game with a win over the a's. san francisco will be in los angeles this evening to face their long time rivals the
's ground forces and other targets. the u.s. wanted nato to take over both operations. >>> more trouble at that damaged nuclear power plant in japan this morning. japanese nuclear safety officials suspect the reactor core at one unit may have been breached. now that raises the possibility of more severe radioactive contamination. suspicions of a possible breach came after two workers waded into water that turned out to be ten thousand more times radioactive than normal. they suffered skin burns. >>> this weekend, the golden state warriors are helping to raise money for relief efforts in japan. the team will donate $5 for all remaining tickets sold to home games to want and on sunday. and they'll host a silent auction at both games with a portion of the proceeds going to japan. >>> the barry bonds perjury trial will s taking a break -- will take a break. they may call bonds' former girlfriend. now yesterday the jury heard from a doctor. he is one of the world's leading experts in detecting performance enhancing drugs and serves as the chief science officer. he talked about the side effec
get some pancakes and help local children at the same time. >>> welcome back to the morning news. u.s. marshals are now looking for that texas day care operator charged in a fire that killed four children. investigators now believe 22- year-old jessica left the united states and is in her native nigeria. investigators are charged her with one count of wreckless injury to a child after they say she left the children unattended while a stove top burner was on. investigators believe the burner was the source of last week's deadly fire. >>> a san mateo county farm has been ordered to pay more than $45,000 in fines for violating federal labor laws. federal regulators say the farm illegally deducted housing and equipment expenses from workers' paychecks. a farm attorney says the owner charged workers $3 a day for utilities but the agreement was not in writing as required by federal law. >>> police near philadelphia are calling it a case of food terrorism. they say a pizza owner planted a bag of mice at a competitor's restaurant. police say the owner of nina's business roadway ya in upper da
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